A Tale


Picture of the mandala titled 'My Very First Mandala Ever'

Le’ena wakes up with a dazed feeling. Slowly she opens her eyes. Next to her she hears a voice softly whispering in her ear: ‘Hello dear.’ It is the voice of Shali and Le’ena is glad to hear her friend. She looks in the direction of her friend but sees only the vague contours of a figure sitting next to her. ‘Here now, I will help you’. Le’ena feels that a wet cloth is being put over her eyes carefully. ‘Www..,’ but she can not say any more, because her throat is hurting terribly. ‘Don’t try to talk. In a minute I will explain to you what has happened and where we are, but first keep lying still so that I can take care of you.’ Le’ena is silent and lets Shali take care of her. Because of the touches of Shali Le’ena senses that her whole body is feeling black and blue. What has happened? Where is she? A big bright blue triangle with a small black dot in the center of it appears vaguely in her mind’s eye. She senses the presence of people who are sitting in a circle around her. They are wearing beautiful golden robes and in their hands they are holding musical instruments that look bizarre. From behind the circle a woman is staring at her. What is all of this? She tries to move, but regrets it instantly. ‘Easy, dear, you have received quite a blow, do not try to move. Easy now’. Shali’s voice comforts her, she relaxes and feels that she is falling asleep again.