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picture of Petra Alima Mooijman

Petra Alima Mooijman

In 1990 I was introduced to the embroidering of mandalas. During an education on Gestalt Therapy I received the assignment to buy a piece of canvas, eight skeins of embroidery silk and an embroidery needle and to simply start with just the following instruction: to determine the centre of the canvas, to choose one of the colors of the embroidery silk, to embroider something and to repeat that embroidery into the three other directions.

At that moment in time embroidering seemed quite corny to me, but after some hesitation I went to the shop to buy the required gear and reluctantly started my first mandala.

Well, from that moment onwards I have been embroidering and in time I came to love the slow making process of a mandala.

Embroidering a mandala automatically leads me into a meditative mood. Again and again the final result of a mandala is the outcome of a voyage of discovery and cannot be predicted at the start.

As much as I felt reluctant during the process of making my first mandalas to also have to repeat the mistakes I made, in time I came to appreciate them and began to understand that it is these very mistakes that determine the feel of a mandala.

With Love, Petra Alima